Part of Danielle’s philosophy in Train Like A Gymnast is to train the way you did when you were younger in sports and activities. You had fun. You enjoyed it. You trained to be better, learned skills, and most memories are made through our strongest emotions. When we allow ourselves to have fun, we transcend tons of limiting beliefs that hold us back. After doing many self reflection exercises and introspection, Danielle realized in order to feel absolutely fulfilled, she needed to align with a charitable organization that stood for what she stands for. Right To Play is just that across the board.

If you’re interested in joining her on her mission to empower youth to unlock their full potential through games, sport, creative play, and free play, please donate to via the link below. Take action today!
Children in our programs are given the tools and skills they need to create opportunity where often there is none. Through all forms of play, they discover their own power, learn to believe in themselves and realize their possibilities. Right To Play unlocks their potential and empowers them to rise above poverty, war and disease, helping them to dismantle cultural, economic and gender barriers in their communities. We teach girls and boys to protect themselves from illness, early marriage and exploitation. We ignite their love of learning and improve the quality of education they receive. And finally, we empower them to change their own lives, the lives of their families and their communities for the better.” 
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