Join Us In
for a 5-Day 4-Night Adventure
on Maui in Hawaii
to create a world where confident people recognize and contribute their talents by living wholeheartedly.
FEBRUARY 20-24, 2020
Sneak Peek Of What To Expect Throughout The Retreat:
Sneak Peek Of What To Expect Throughout The Retreat:
Danielle has crafted an all-inclusive retreat package plus bonuses that offers you everything you need to disconnect from your busy world and be supported, motivated, and served in a spiritual chrysalis allowing you to transform, discover your North Star, and emerge as the YOU that you were brought to this earth to be, thriving and prospering in every area of your life.

Your complete retreat experience takes you on an incredible journey full of breakthroughs, transformations, achievements, and spiritual releases as the healing sea full of negative ions brings your body more energy and vitality.
haleakala sunrise
Ride through the pitch black early morning up winding roads with your teammates to the summit of Haleakala. Arrive just in time to watch the sun rise from above the clouds.
zipline through craters
Soar over 90-foot drops, discover the rich history of Hawaii, reach speeds of over 45 miles per hour, and face your fears on an Indiana Jones style swinging bridge high above a canyon.
Visit 1-2 snorkel stops on the island of Lanai, watch dolphins and whales (it will be whale migration season!), and treat your appetite with homemade breakfast and snacks on board our private vessel!
gymnastics fundamentals & training
Once you lay a solid foundation, you can grow and learn exponentially. If you don't have decent basics, more advanced skills will suffer. We will cover body shapes, basic to intermediate tumbling with occasional spots and tips if someone needs help. The circuit flow of the training will depend on the makeup of the group attending. We will start with a warm up, go into training, and finish with conditioning.
daily adventures & regeneration
We are going explore the island on many amazing adventures together. Some days will be leisurely and slower-paced, while some days will be more rigorous and require more physical exertion. Since we will be expending so much energy, we will need to take the time to properly refuel and regenerate. That means putting an emphasis on sleep, fueling our bodies, stretching, and recovering. Prioritizing self-care while challenging our bodies.
mental & emotional breakthroughs
Knowledge isn't power – it's potential power. How can we take action with our knowledge to create change? You can have all the tools you need to succeed, but if your mind is still in a place of believing things that aren't true, you will stay stuck. In these fast-paced, immersive meditation and journaling exercises, you will learn to apply techniques that will help you walk away feeling powerful and unstoppable!
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