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7 Day Handstand Challenge!
Been Wanting To Learn Or Improve Your handstand?
Now's your chance! We've just released a challenge with OVER 30 exercises and drills to improve or learn a handstand! Each exercise comes with a modification and a progression allowing it to be customizable to ANY level! Starts every Monday.

Your Participation Empowers Children To Change Their Lives 

10% of all proceeds will be donated to Danielle's preferred organization, Right to Play. Right to Play protects, educates and empowers children to rise above adversity using the power of play.
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What Train Like A Gymnast Is All About
You'll be learning the same techniques, training methods, and stretches I used to get myself back in the best shape of my life – even better than I was as a competitive gymnast over a decade ago! These are proven methods that have worked for hundreds of girls!
Personal Growth
Challenge yourself to reach the next level. Sure, you can train consistently and eat well, but if we don't drill down to the root cause of what has been stopping you from reaching your goals, you're missing part of the equation.
Have the luxury of a nutrition certified personal trainer and a Registered Dietician Nutritionist on our team to help you find the right balance without restrictive dieting!
What It Takes To Train Like A Gymnast
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"Having Not Done Gymnastics In 35 Years, Here I Am. Standing On My Head. Standing On My Hands. Doing Splits. Feeling Great."

Lynne - California
"At A Deeper Level, Train Like A Gymnast Is About Camaraderie, Teamwork, & Personal Growth."

Katherine - Michigan
"This Is The Year I Can Tell If I Stick To Train Like A Gymnast & Find An Open Gym, I Will Finally Reach My Goals."

Regina - Florida
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It's hard to balance fitness, nutrition, work, relationships, and stay sane. Each Tuesday, join host Danielle Gray, professional fitness model, online gymnastics coach, and Los Angeles based certified personal trainer, as she interviews gymnasts, coaches, judges, and fitness experts to delve into deep conversations about behavior, mental state, physical training, personal growth, success, and more learned through the sport of gymnastics. If you're looking for motivation, education, inspiration, or simply a good story, this is the podcast for you!
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