• Reduce Risk of Injury & Aches Due To Compensation
  • Improve Your Range Of Motion For Maximum Performance
  • Clean Up Your Form In Any Exercise
I Want to Work With You To Help You Learn Secrets That Take Your Workouts & Mobility To The Next Level!
You Have My Word
I am SO confident in these stretches because I did them after every gymnastics practice for my entire life and I still do to this day.

I believe in these basic stretches so much, if you add them at the end of your regular workout routine over 30 days and do NOT see any changes in your flexibility, movement, or body aches, just let me know and I will refund you no questions asked.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. What do you have to lose?
Danielle Gray
Founder of Train Like A Gymnast, CPT, Pn1
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Meet Danielle,
Founder of Train Like A Gymnast
When most people hear the words, "train like a gymnast," they think of Olympic level training and flipping. What they don't understand is that kids as young as 4 train like gymnasts. The phrase essentially means body awareness, using your bodyweight to build strength, and training through calisthenics.

But the cool part is you can learn from those who have DONE IT for decades and learn techniques, tips, secrets, and tools to fast track your way to success! Improve your yoga practice, calisthenics tricks, balance and proprioception, learn how to teach others, lean out, build muscle, and push your body to that next level!
This is your defining moment.
Learn How To Progress Towards Your Splits or Oversplits, Increase Your Shoulder Joint's Range Of Motion, And Counteract Spinal Flexion From Desk Jobs Or Developing "Tech Neck"
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